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Tech lead

Take your chance and become tech lead at Cross Technology Solutions!

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Project Quality Engineer

We’re looking to hire a Project Quality Engineer (PQE)

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Frontend developer

We’re looking to hire a frontend developer for our development team
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Senior Backend Developer

We’re looking to hire a backend developer for our development team
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Tech lead with passion for coding

Are you a software engineer with several years of work experience and have worked with the latest technologies within web and mobile development? Then this might be the right position for you! If you want to work with software engineering and systems architecture, then you should continue reading.

Cross Technology Solutions is a fast-growing start-up working with digitization of the healthcare sector. Cross Technology Solutions develops LifePod, a cloud and web-based platform to engage patients with chronic diseases and to support healthcare providers to take the right medical decisions at the right time to the right patient, remotely. Cross Technology Solutions is seeking for a dedicated developer or architect who is keen on taking the role as tech lead – someone who can lead the team and put on the advisory hat if needed.

Work responsibilities

As tech lead at Cross Technology Solutions you’ll work with technologies like Serverless, AWS, Node and NoSQL (backend) and React (frontend). It is your responsibility, in dialogue with the team, to secure the long-term system architecture fits their needs. This also includes having an up-to-date DevOps flow/solution.

You also support the project leaders with tech knowledge and advise when it comes to procurement processes and customer related decisions.

The role as tech lead at Cross Technology Solutions offers a wide variety of tasks and you might be involved in everything from requirement specifications with customers to design tech solutions and integrations.

Your profile

It is natural for you to take responsibility for your actions, you are creative, take initiatives and you listen to your colleagues at the same time as you lead them in a natural way. You are generous when it comes to sharing knowledge with others which contributes to a strong team and a great outcome. You are communicative and like to share and explain thoughts and ideas. You enjoy working with customers and colleagues but have nothing against diving into own projects where you work on your own. You are a doer who get things done.


  • Academic degree within computer science/engineering or other relevant scientific area
  • At least five years of work experience as software developer
  • Experience within system architecture
  • Experience of working with cloud solutions
  • Excellent skills in Swedish and English
  • Used to agile working methods


  • Experience with serverless architecture or micro services architecture
  • Experience of building scalable, secure, robust and performant full stack systems
  • Working with digital health solutions


About us
Cross Technology Solutions create a paradigm shift within healthcare. The eHealth platform LifePod moves the healthcare industry from calendar-based to needs-based and individual care. LifePod provides automatically a medical overview of those with the greatest needs – the right care, at the right time for the right patient.

Cross Technology Solutions is a small company with a familiar atmosphere, flat hierarchy, prestigeless and humble culture. Our headquarter is in Lund and we are a growing team with 13 team members now.
2017 Cross Technology Solutions was awarded as Connected Health Company of the Year at the Swedish Mobile Award, and 2019 we won the eHealth Award at Sweden’s largest eHealth fair Vitalis.

Apply for the position

Please send your application to
For further information regarding the role as Tech Lead, please contact Thomas Bergqwist, CEO at or +46709-54 78 50 or Maria Juul, technical project leader, at or at +46735 13 94 82.

Frontend developer
We, Cross Technology Solutions AB, are looking for a talented frontend software developer to help us realise the next step in healthcare solutions.

We are looking for someone who will participate, cooperate, and sometimes lead, in designing and building the user interfaces of our e-Health platform LifePod.

We are working with a modern technology stack on the frontend, mainly React, accessing the backend using REST APIs. The frontends, mostly SPAs, are hosted and stored on AWS.

You will together with the rest of the team and our customers, design and realise interactions and UIs for use by patients and medical personnel.

Required skills
  • You are experienced in the art of Software development.
  • Experience in designing highly user friendly interfaces using the holy trinity: HTML/CSS/JS, for both desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Fluent with constructing applications using ReactJS.
  • Consume REST APIs like a pro, or even a boss.
  • You know how to set up a build process using the tools of your trade (transpiling, bundling, minifying), preferably using NPM, WebPack.
  • Experience with version control systems, especially Git, and utilising some kind of branch strategy like GitFlow.
  • Knowledgable in software development best practices, concerning coding standards, code review, build processes, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), testing.
  • Experience with Amazons Cloud platform.
  • Able to speak and write in swedish as well as english.
Desired skills:
  • Open mind and a drive to learn new skills (which is quite obvious for You, because You are a software developer)
  • Passion for software engineering and development. No we don’t expect you to eat, breathe and live code 24/7. A genuine interest and a feeling that what you do, code and engineer software, is something that makes you tick, will suffice.
  • Experience with other Cloud platforms, like Azure, Google etc.
  • Graphics design, comfortable working with tools like Illustrator etc.
What’s currently in our toolchain:
  • ReactJS, AngularJS, Ionic, WebPack and friends
  • Git and GitFlow (on GitLab)
  • GitLab CI/CD with GitLab runners
  • AWS CLI, S3, CloudFront, Route53, AWS SDK NodeJS
  • JetBrains Toolbox, I.e. WebStorm IDE and others

Is this you? Send us an application!

Please send your application to
For further information regarding the role as Frontend Developer, please contact Thomas Bergqwist, CEO at or +46709-54 78 50 or Maria Juul, technical project leader, at or at +46735 13 94 82.

Senior Backend Developer

Help us in taking our unique e-Health platform – LifePod – to the next level!
We are now looking for a seasoned Backend Developer to strengthen our team.

The Mission

Continue forming our backend services with your vast, documented, experience in Node.js, combined with solid Cloud-knowledge.
Since we are a small company you will have a large degree of freedom. You will be involved in all stages of backend development, from analysing the needs from product requirements to implementing and maintaining our cloud solutions. As a senior developer you will not only contribute to the code itself, and guide in technology decision, but also decide on processes and development practices as well as acting as a mentor for more junior developers.
It is important that you like working in an agile setup and currently we utilize a Scrum-ish development process.

Your Home Turf

The backend stack will be your home turf, what you improve and make better every day, so except from Node.js programming you will for sure surge for good and well written REST APIs, having an efficient persistence layer with security, scalability and performance in mind and finally contributing to some of the DevOps-parts so we keep control over our deployment and can act on certain events.

Our backend stack is primarily implemented in Node.js (JavaScript, TypeScript) and we have a serverless architecture using AWS Lambda, API Gateway and many other AWS services. We currently use MongoDB in our persistence layer.

Who are you?

To flourish in this position, you ought to be a team player with a passion for Node.js coding. You take pride in constructing state of the art REST APIs and have a large set of quality in mind when working. For you, it is natural to make scalable, secure and performant code using modern technologies and tools.

You have at least 5+ years professional experience as an engineer/developer. You have worked several years with JavaScript and preferably with a backend environment. You know how to handle, deploy, control and use cloud environments like AWS. You know how to code or script deployment solutions to enable automated processes and deliveries of solutions. You speak and write both Swedish and English fluently. You have at least a bachelor’s degree within Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent.

It is meriting if you have experience with any of the following as well:
MongoDB or any DB experience. AWS services like Lambda, SNS, API Gateway, and AWS in general.
Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery.
Testing tools/frameworks, API testing, unit testing, integration testing or system testing.

We are in an expansive phase which means new challenges and great opportunities to develop on a personal and professional level. It is a permanent position with employment at Cross Technology Solutions with placement at our office in Lund.

We look forward to your application!

Welcome with your application

Please send your application to
For further information regarding the role as Senior Backend Developer, please contact Thomas Bergqwist, CEO at or +46709-54 78 50 or Maria Juul, technical project leader, at or at +46735 13 94 82.

Project Quality Engineer (PQE)
As a Project Quality Engineer (PQE), you are the bridge between development and quality. This means that you work cross-functionally to ensure that appropriate documents are available in all phases of product development or change projects.
You work with development teams, project managers, product owners and quality on an ongoing basis in our projects.

The role means that you are the gatekeeper for procedures and processes to be followed within R&D that the necessary records and DHF-documents are structured and in place and if they are missing, that they are established in cooperation with interested parties. You are also involved in preparing appropriate Risk Management plans, Design Control plans etc.
You are the central connection point during all the project’s progress from the very beginning to end.

You have a good ability to create personal networks and are happy to collaborate across organizational boundaries.

You are also a team player who listens, communicates, and relates to your surroundings in a smooth way and who likes to help others. To take your own initiative and run things on your own you will find stimulating. You are happy to look to the long-term and strategic and act proactively.
You solve problems and break them down into their constituents by your clear analytically way of thinking.
You are passionate about quality assurance, understand development, you are a pragmatist, you are service oriented, work structured and understand the importance of documentation.

• Experience in quality assurance.
• Worked with quality in development.
• Experiences of development of medical devices.
• Knowledge of quality methods, such as Risk Analysis, FMEA
• We believe that you have several years of experience in what we are looking for.
• You have advanced knowledge in Swedish and English in speech and writing.
• Higher education or university degree from technical college.
• It is required to have experience from documentation of medical graded software, medical device directive and standards.
• Experience from CE marking is +

It is good if you have experience and knowledge of the below.
Cross complies with the European regulatory framework for medical devices as well as:
SS-EN ISO 13485 – Medical Devices Quality Management Systems.
SS-EN ISO 14971 – Medical Devices-Application of risk management to medical devices.
SS-EN 62304 – Medical Device Software-Software life cycle processes.
SS-EN 62366 – Medical Device-Application of usability engineering to medical devices.
SS-EN 82304 – Health software – Part 1: General requirements for product safety.

We are in an expansive phase which means new challenges and great opportunities to develop on a personal and professional level. It is a permanent position with employment at Cross Technology Solutions with placement at our office in Lund.

We look forward to your application!



Please send your application och if you need further information to


What we offer

We are a passionate team who truly believe in what we do. We are convinced to evolve healthcare everywhere with LifePod. With the eHealth platform LifePod we create a more person-centered care for large groups of patients with chronic diseases. We enable right care, at the right time to the right patient and enable the caregiver to proactively handle more patients with the same resources.

Cross Solutions is right now in a expansive and growing period where we constantly need to gain competences to the team.
We promise you a highly inspiring workplace with the opportunity to develop your skills, to grow as a person and to get involved in the company’s success.

Welcome to become a part of Cross Technology Solutions AB!

LifePod. Evolving healthcare, everywhere.