LifePod. Simple remote patient monitoring.

LifePod® provides support in decision making, using an automatic and unique prioritization function to show which patients are well, which require observation and which are in need of a medical intervention. The patient overview, arranged in order of medical priority, is available at all times. Patients have access to an application for self-care and reporting readings to their healthcare provider that is tailored to the individual.

Needs-driven healthcare
LifePod® gives healthcare providers the opportunity to monitor large patient groups remotely and prioritize the patients with the greatest healthcare needs, at the right time.


An efficient way of working
The overall patient overview in LifePod® frees up work time for healthcare personnel
and makes it possible to take care of 20–40% more patients.

Focusing on those with the greatest needs
LifePod® creates significant saving opportunities, provides increased security for patients and takes the strain off healthcare providers by allowing them to focus on the patients with the greatest healthcare needs.

Convenient and intuitive
LifePod® makes remote healthcare possible through its simple, user-friendly and educational design. Clear triage colours and an easy-to-understand patient overview enables you to know how your patient is feeling at all times.

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Jaana Nilsson, Key Accont Manager


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