LifePod. Agile and engaging platform for decentralized clinical trials

LifePod® is a scalable solution for patient-centric, value-adding data collection for remote patient monitoring including automatic prioritization and real-time decision support.

The LifePod® platform

LifePod is a digital solution for data collection so that patients can be reached directly at their homes

  • A scalable platform which can follow, analyze and generate prioritizing data for any patient population. 
  • Study investigators have access to real-time metrics to follow and detect early changes in the condition and intervene when needed – remotely. 
  • Improves communication paths, continuity, exchange of clinical trial data digitally.
  • Used within diagnostic areas like cardiovascular diseases, COPD, kidney failure and postoperative follow-up.
  • Library of about 70 ready-to-use parameters/modules, vitals, questionnaires, sensors, surveys and self-assessments.

User-friendly and intuitive

AI-based patient prioritization

Real time triage and metrics

LifePod® for virtual clinical research 

  • Collective overview of health data from all registered participants
  • Helps you to remotely capture and manage all data.
  • Unique, patented prioritization function helps Clinical Trials Operators prioritize patients with the greatest need first
  • Increases the precondition for proactive measures as changes in the patient’s state of health are detected early 

LifePod® and the participant

  • Simple, intuitive reporting
  • Increased adherence to recommendations 

We believe LifePod® improves clinical trials


  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Multi-language support
  • Interoperability – data from external sources

Patient centric

  • Automated reminders to ensure that relevant data is reported within certain time frames
  • Person centered
  • Decentralized – patients report values/data wherever they are

Data integrity

  • Agile, secure and flexible technology
  • Data security and compliance with applicable national laws, regulations and standards
  • LifePod® stores historical reported data

Customer care

  • Support – we help and support you all the way
  • No hidden costs – clear and easy pricing for just
  • the duration of the clinical trial

What we can offer

  • Award winning solution for remote participant monitoring
  • Certified medical device (CE IIa)
  • Patented in Europe, Australia, USA, Russia
  • Transparent price model
  • In-house competence for development, regulatory and quality assurance, dataanalytics, education, marketing and sales
  • Ability to gather clinical patient data remotely/outside the hospital/in home environment

Adherence to
reporting with


to use

LifePod. Evolving healthcare, everywhere.

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