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Cross Technology Solutions AB was founded as a consultancy and innovation company in 2004. The idea behind the LifePod® platform came quickly, but back in 2006 the smartphone hadn’t yet been invented. Now, in the connected mobile age, the world is waiting eagerly for healthcare to take advantage of recent technological advances.   Pioneering Connected Health.
The LifePod platform shall be the globally leading solution for identifying and grading patients’ medical priority.
Transform traditional calendar-driven healthcare to need-based healthcare and change the medical condition-oriented focus to individualized care.
Safety and standards.
  • Quality Management System ISO13485.
  • European medical device directive 93/42/EEC.
  • Läkemedelsverkets guide, Medical information systems.
  • Patientdatalag (2008:355)
  • Personuppgiftslag (1998:204)
  • Patientdatalagen (2008:355) and Socialstyrelsens regulations (SOSFS 2008:14) regarding information handling and medical files in health care.
  • LifePod® also fulfills the requirements from Läkemedelsverket (LMV) and Forskningsetisk kommitté (FEK).
  • LifePod® will be CE-marked as a medical device, Class IIa.
  • Cross is certified by DNV (ISO 9001 and ISO13485).
Executive Committee
Thomas Bergqwist

CEO and founder, Cross Technology Solutions AB +46 709 54 78 50

Lars-Göran Persson

CFO, Cross Technology Solutions AB

LifePod. Evolving healthcare, everywhere.

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