LifePod. Cost benefits.

1.4 million Swedes live with cardiovascular disease. The costs for treatment of cardiovascular disease in Sweden are more than 60 billion SEK a year. The average costs for just emergency care of a heart attack in Sweden are about 230.000 SEK. 35.000 people every year get sick in cardiovascular disease and 30 % of all heart attack victims are at higher risk of a repeat heart attack. If it would be possible to reduce a fraction of these costs it still would be tremendously much money we are talking about.

Being connected with your care giver wherever you are.

By monitoring and preventing just a third of these patients for having a second heart attack, LifePod has a potential to save the health care ecosystem:


  • 1 billion SEK  yearly in Sweden
  • 52 billion SEK yearly in Europe
  • 25 billion SEK yearly in the USA
Astronomically large numbers.

The figures above only apply to “new” patients yearly and one single health condition. By multiplying the figures with other chronically diseases as COPD, diabetes etc the number will become astronomically. And then you’ll have the real potential of the LifePod platform!

LifePod. Evolving healthcare, everywhere.

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