How do hospitals process the mountain of readily available patient data?

Daniel Kraft is a Stanford- and Harvard-trained physician-scientist with over 20 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and innovation. Dr. Kraft chairs the Medicine track for Singularity University and is Executive Director and curator for the FutureMed, a program which explores convergent, exponentially developing technologies and their potential in biomedicine and healthcare.

Daniel Kraft offers in his TED talk a fast-paced look at the next few years of innovations in medicine, powered by new tools, tests and apps that bring diagnostic information right to the patient’s bedside.
We at Cross Solutions agree with Daniel Kraft, technology is fantastic and improves life in a radically way for patients and other individuals!

We wonder, how do hospitals and care centres deal with and process the mountain of readily available patient data?

We believe that healthcare providers need is access to the right information at the right time, accurate connected data to identify, grade and prioritize the patients. The healthcare industry is changing and the right conditions are aligning to transition from calendar based care to the demand-controlled care.

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