Our communications officer, Cathrin Jung, was interviewed by Techarenan News about the company’s situation during Corona pandemic so far. Read the full interview here:

The pandemic is far from over, but now the economy has been showing signs of recovery for some time. Techarenan News has talked to Swedish tech companies about what the situation looks like now, what the major challenges have been and what decisions have been the most important.

“The demand for digital tools to take care of patients remotely has grown exponentially during the pandemic,” says Cathrin Jung, Communications Manager at Cross Technology Solutions.

Do you see a brightening for your business after spring? If so, in what way?

For those of us, who offer an innovative solution for remote care, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant a breakthrough. The demand for digital tools to care for patients remotely has grown exponentially during the pandemic. Evidence-based eHealth solutions play an important role both for covid-19 patients and also for other patients who need distance tracking. The benefits of using digital solutions in certain areas of healthcare have become so obvious during the pandemic, such as the possibility of earlier return from hospital, remotely monitoring at-risk patients, reduced physical presence in healthcare facilities, reducing the risk of infection for both patients and healthcare professionals.
In addition, people with chronic conditions benefit from continuous digital contact and easily accessible communication paths with the healthcare provider.
In conclusion, we can say that things are looking bright for us and our industry.

Have you had to switch to a new business model in the wake of the pandemic?

No, we have not changed to a new business model, but our existing model has really been tested in recent times and we have received confirmation that the model is right and works. The review of the business model concerns volume and that we chose not to limit ourselves on a specific condition. Our solution is flexible and adaptable to almost any patient population. We have benefited greatly from this in terms of providing care for many different health conditions regarding distance monitoring.

What have been the major challenges and how have you tackled them?

One of the major challenges has been to deliver our solution to healthcare adapted to so many different health conditions in a very short time. It has been an extremely fast pace and a very high workload especially for our development team. On top of the high workload, we have had to switch completely to working remote. That challenge has worked beyond expectations.
At the same time, it has been great to be able to make a difference and help when the health care system is under such pressure and emergency.

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