LifePod. For patients.

Accurate, accessible and personalized care. A dream had by many, but unfortunately available to a select few.

LifePod is here to change that. We want to eliminate time wasted in waiting rooms. We want medical advice and healthcare plans to be accessible remotely, from the comfort of your own home. You are the center of healthcare.

This is the evolution of healthcare; connected health. Welcome to LifePod.

LifePod. Involving you.

You can feel safe at home while your doctor or nurse checks your individual health profile. LifePod enables you and your care provider to monitor your health and lifestyle. LifePod wants you to be involved. LifePod makes life simple for you. LifePod gives you a better understanding of your health condition and a more precise insight into your current health status. We believe this is the key to guiding you to a healthier lifestyle.

You enter your individual medical data in the LifePod application, which is easily accessible anywhere in the world from a computer, tablet or smartphone. No extra equipment or software installations are required. In a simple and smart user interface, you get the information you need from your care provider, and you report only the parameters that matter.

Healthier lifestyle

Direct feedback


Simplicity matters

Safe at home

Complete overview

Patientapp LifePod
A simple systematic overview, accessible to you and your doctor, gives you summarized information about all the various health parameters that are relevant to your health condition and that you’ve reported while using the LifePod application.
In the overview, you and your doctor can easily pinpoint what you need to improve, based on your history, and what you should change to prevent a relapse.

Feedback is given directly when you report daily activities, food behaviours and other lifestyle parameters in the application. If you’ve done something that could affect your health status, LifePod provides you with encouraging tips and reminders along the way. Beside improving your health, LifePod also rewards.

Hear what our users have to say

Leif Stenlund

Patient, has used LifePod after myocardial infarction

“The greatest advantage about LifePod, as I see it, is that it enables me to see how healthy, or unhealthy I live. I’ve gotten a much better understanding about my current health condition.”

Bengt Björklund

Patient, has used LifePod after myocardial infarction

“LifePod is a great tool! It reminds me that I have to think about my health and lifestyle. It works a little as my bad conscious; I get a clearer picture about my current health status.
What works best though, is the red and green smiley faces! Too many red means an unhealthy lifestyle, which in turn tells me that I have to change something.”


Mariann Andersson

Patient, has used LifePod after myocardial infarction

“I use my smartphone to register the different parameters in the LifePod application, it is very easy and goes fast. LifePod really motivates me to do my sports and eat healthy food.
I haven’t found another application on the market which works as good as LifePod for my needs; it’s a great reminder for living a healthy life every day.”

Willy Hansson

Patient, has used LifePod after myocardial infarction

“I’ve become a lot more observant about my behaviours. LifePod motivates, it’s the reason why I’ve changed some of my previous habits. Previously I didn’t like eating vegetables or fish, for example. Now, I eat it a lot! LifePod made me understand that I need to think about my health.”

LifePod. Evolving healthcare, everywhere.

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