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Are you ready to handle a growing number of patients, demanding more individual care? Do you have the time and resources to give every patient the attention they need? If the answer is no – meet LifePod. LifePod will analyse and automatically prioritize patient data. To let you focus on the patients with the greatest needs. Welcome to the world of connected health.
LifePod. Meeting demands.
Non-acute healthcare is handled the same inefficient way as it was a hundred years ago – by booking a time in the calendar. As a consequence, valuable healthcare resources are often unnecessarily engaged. And healthcare professionals have to deal with floods of unstructured patient data, creating a multi-screen cockpit syndrome.  
Tools have been lacking.
Making correct decisions, especially in cases with multiple health conditions, is hard. And combining information from different sources is time-consuming. The tools needed to analyse and structure all this data have been lacking.
A new approach.
LifePod is a new approach to healthcare. Ending the old calendar system, LifePod is facts-driven and finally enables remote individual care. Supporting a large variety of devices, the cloud-based LifePod platform is independent, future-proof, and user-friendly.
Collecting the necessary information.
The medical-grade platform handles multiple therapeutic conditions in one interface. It’s scalable and adaptable to a variety of health conditions with high data integrity.
Greater efficiency.
Connected health saves resources – it reduces emergency visits, hospitalizations and follow-up appointments. National and international authorities know the healthcare system must change. Demographic and economic challenges mean costs are rising faster than ever before and they grow faster than Swedens GDP. According to McKinsey&Companys report, which was published during 2016, will the total costs for the Swedish healthcare consumption rise annually by 4,2 percent the upcoming years. This is 0,9 percent more than the Swedish GDP growth per year. 1)
1) Source: McKinsey&Company, 2016, “Digitizing Healthcare in Sweden”.
Cost benefits.
Fifty percent of all emergency visits by congestive heart failure patients can be prevented by using mHealth, according to a study of congestive heart failure patients by Region Skåne (a county council in southern Sweden). Region Skåne could save 150M SEK simply by having heart failure patients use an application for recording body weight. 2) Connected health saves money, makes patients more satisfied and secure and gives the care provider a powerful tool to focus on the patients with the greatest needs.
2) Source: IMPLEMENT Consulting Group
Prioritising data.
The LifePod Platform uses intelligent algorithms to identify the patients with the greatest needs. Applying big data analytics extends the platform to provide predictive, preventive and prescriptive outcomes resulting in even better individual healthcare plans. Patients in the greatest need of direct medical attention are prioritized first.
Simple, elegant and user-friendly interface.
We value simplicity and elegance. LifePod delivers a solution that was previously thought impossible. By focusing on an elegant and simple user-interface, we can eliminate complicated and unnecessary design paradigms and focus on delivering a truly user-friendly experience.  
LifePod enables healthcare professionals to view patient’s insights and trends in real time in a simple overview table. You can get a clear picture of your patients trends without having to dive into the dense patient data. This allows you to follow a patient’s health status over time, and see the direction the patient is taking.
Communication between you and your patients has never been so simple. In the LifePod application, you can easily send messages to a single patient, multiple patients or an entire clinic.
How it works.
Learn how LifePod is evolving healthcare everywhere by bringing advanced solutions to those who need them most.  
Hear what our caregivers have to say
Margrét Leósdóttir M.D., PhD

Margrét Leósdóttir M.D., PhD

Dept of Cardiology Skåne University Hospital Malmö Sweden

“eHealth solutions have the potential to reduce costs and at the same time change hospital care from being rigid and calendar-based to being more flexible and patient-centered. I strongly believe that eHealth solutions can improve the way we work at hospital and help us be more efficient.”

LifePod. Evolving healthcare, everywhere.

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