LifePod. How it works.

All over the world, healthcare providers struggle to effectively use their limited resources. Simultaneously, a growing number of patients want better and more personalized care. This poses an interesting dilemma; how do we evolve the healthcare system while keeping the patients’ needs and priorities at the forefront? Introducing LifePod. An open API platform that provides patient insights and eases the workload and responsibility of healthcare professionals, by prioritizing treatment for those in most need. Lifepod is evolving healthcare, everywhere.
LifePod. Real-time data.
LifePod is intelligent. It moves the healthcare industry from calendar-based to individual care. It’s based on unique algorithms that handle multiple devices and diseases, and prioritizes individuals in large populations by establishing which patients have the greatest needs. Data flows between patient and care provider asynchronously. The patients receive notifications depending on their individual health status when using the platform. Meanwhile, the care provider receives real-time data about the patient’s current health status.
LifePod is developed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals. Different medical conditions such as CVD, COPD or diabetes require their own sets of parameters. The parameters for the medical conditions are assembled in a platform-independent web application. The web application has built-in functionality for reminders, rewards and features to motivate and encourage.

Each patient inputs data in the web application that can be complemented by data from fitness bands, weight scales or other sensors. The web application communicates to the LifePod cloud-based platform, delivering both priority (medical-grade) and relevant (consumer-grade) data that provides a holistic view of the patient’s health state. The resulting feedback is an individual healthcare plan tailored to the user.

End-user focus groups have tested and validated the web application’s ease of use and attractiveness.

Managed care professionals and clinics need to take actions every day. They need to make the right decision every second, minute, hour. LifePod’s cloud-based platform provides solutions for proactive healthcare. It’s flexibleadaptable and scalable, and other devices can easily connect to the platform. LifePod generates, facilitates, prioritizes and visualizes multi-source action data in one interface.



Cloud-based for scalability and flexibility for:

lowest operating cost

lowest deployment cost

lowest maintenance cost


Ecosystem architecture for:

fast implementation of additional health conditions

addition of new sensors and applications

Designed for the highest security and integrity protection

Multi-language, ethnic, demographic and regional support

Platform-independent – runs on all devices and operating systems

Data analysis. Added benefits for the user and society.

Remote patient monitoring is based on the transfer of health data between patient and healthcare provider. More and more health data are being generated, but it must also be taken care of and analyzed. Loads of unstructured data has no value in itself, it is the data analysis that produces the insights that form the basis for further conclusions.

The most basic is the descriptive analysis that tells you what has happened and why it has happened. From this follows the predictive analysis where one tries to predict what will happen in the future. Based on this, you can then give suggestions for actions before the event occurred or before it has become serious.

With each step you take to a more complex analysis, the value of the data and the benefit to the user increases. This analysis can be done using e.g. machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). If you can predict deterioration in health and propose measures before they have gone far, it is beneficial for the whole society as for example reduced costs for hospital care.

LifePod currently is a decision support system that automatically structures health data for the healthcare provider. This facilitates the work of following large patient groups remotely and making the right decisions for the right patient at the right time. In a next step, LifePod will be able to generate recommended individual actions for patients based on reported health data.

LifePod. Evolving healthcare, everywhere.

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