Cross Solutions got the opportunity to join Health 2.0 in Silicon Valley – a conference and exhibition with leading showcases of cutting-edge innovation for transforming the health care system.

High-potential start-ups from the Nordics went in collaboration with Nordic Innovation House and Innovation Skåne to the US to learn more about the American leading-edge solutions within digitization of healthcare.

Here are some of our impressions we got during our stay in Santa Clara:

American companies focus on administration around patient data systems

Health 2.0 gave us a great opportunity to get a picture of what’s going on in Silicon Valley regarding innovations for the healthcare sector. The impressions we got allow us to compare the American-versus-Scandinavian challenges in this area. We recognized that the American companies are heavily focusing on improving the structure around medical record systems. It seems to be a jungle – American hospitals are using so many different medical record systems that it’s hard to keep a complete picture about the individual patient data. Another demand, the American caregivers need to deal with patients without health insurance.

Nordic companies focus on solutions regarding treatment and patient experiences

According to what we saw, Nordic companies are more focusing on solutions which improve patient’s health situations and treatment.

Keywords and terms at Health 2.0 during fall 2016:

Big Data, patient engagement, applications, real-time streaming of patient data, patient-centric dosing for pharma drugs



Text: Cross Solutions,
Images: Renata Albertsson



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