Did you have a cardiac infarction and are younger than 75 years?

Are you interested in joining a clinical study where you get the possibility to use a web-application to log certain lifestyle behaviors several months after you got ill?

These questions are asked to patients with cardiac infarction at the university hospital in Lund, Malmö and Umeå to see if any patients want to join the clinical study with the title:

“Implementation and assessment of a life-style focused patient support application (app) and activity trackers for improving risk factor management, physical activity, quality of life and prognosis in post-myocardial infarction patients”

The study involves around 250 patients in Sweden with coronary heart disease. One of the patient groups, who has had an infarction, get the opportunity to use the LifePod application to log various lifestyle information like diet, exercise, smoking, blood pressure and so on.

The patients also receive text messages two to three times per week with information and tips on healthier lifestyle choices.


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