Meet the Cross team:

Andreas Peterson

Senior Software Developer

Andreas Peterson has been working for the Cross team the last two years and he is mainly occupied with the development of the medical interface of the LifePod-platform which evolves healthcare, everywhere.

The medical interface delivers a medical graded overview of patient’s health status to the healthcare professionals. The overview helps making right medical decisions every day and to focus on the patients with the greatest needs. The medical interface is connected to a patient tool, a web-application which gives patients guidance regarding their health.

Andreas Peterson studied a master in computer science at University of Lund and has been developing computer systems for nearly twenty years. Earlier he has been employed at telecom companies like Ericsson, Sony and Enea. Andreas has a deep interest in MMI (Man-Machine Interface).

“For me it is a central task to develop computer systems/interfaces which are easy to understand and to use. It is our job to make life easier for people by using computers. In the healthcare sector, technology helps patients to get well, to get guidance and control over their health.”

“I enjoy working at Cross Solutions; we are a team by ten people with strong passion for what we do. It is a great atmosphere and I like that the office is located in the beautiful university city of Lund.”


Text and photo:
Cathrin Jung, Marketing- & CEO assistant

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