Cross Technology Solutions is the first company from the Nordics ever exhibiting at CHC – i.e. true pioneers! Meet the makers of LifePod at Cerner Health Conference 2018 (CHC) at booth 709 in Kansas City, Missouri 8th to 11th of October.

The LifePod-platform is a smart tool for patients with chronic disease to handle their health situation and a decision support system for health care providers that identifies and automatically grades chronical patient’s medical priority.

Cerners open platforms and open technology provides Cross Technology Solutions the opportunity to bring their innovative medical device closer to patients and healthcare providers. The ambition for the Swedish company, is to contribute and create a more digitalized and patient-valued care.

“Our team has been working successfully with the Ignite API’s in Millenium. We are very excited to exhibit at CHC. The exhibition gives us the opportunity to meat caregivers and potential clients from all over the world” says Thomas Bergqwist, founder and CEO Cross Technology Solutions.

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Cross Technology Solutions,

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