“A strategy without goals means failure”

Politicians in Skåne put out a strategy which says, the region shall be best regarding eHealth in four years. These are good news! The problem is, there are no detailed goals, no vision and no money to be able to make digitisation in health care real for the citizens of Skåne.

“Putting a strategy without a goal is like putting out a streetmap without telling where to go”, says Niels Paarup-Petersen (politician for Centerpartiet) .

The citizens of Skåne will be able to get care and treatments at many different places in Skåne, Sweden and the rest of the world. People don’t always need to go to a care centre or hospital, there are digital solutions which can help remotely. Today patients can meet a doctor online, they can measure certain medical data by sensors without the need to go to a lab.

“Politicians in Skåne have not understood the development of digitisation. They want to invest 25 million SEK in building new physical hospital complexes. This is not the place where future health care will take place”, says Niels Paarup Petersen (politician for Centerpartiet).

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Text and photo:
Cathrin Jung, Marketing- & CEO assistant

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