The basic idea of the eHealth platform LifePod is to give the patient a tool to monitor various parameters that affect the individual health condition and at the same time pass that information on to the healthcare provider to provide a patient overview, ranked by medical priority – available at any time.

Changed way of working – from reactive to proactive
The caregiver thus always knows who is doing well, who needs to be observed and who needs an immediate medical response. This results in a new, proactive way of working – the caregiver receives early information about changes in the state of health that can be acute and, based on this information, make proactive, medical interventions. This is not possible in the traditional way of performing care which is usually based on scheduled calendar bookings.

Healthcare professionals have time to check on many more patients
In addition, healthcare professionals have time to “check” significantly more patients per day than would have been possible in the traditional forms of care. In our own data analyses, we have seen that healthcare professionals in the median review a patient in about 0.8 minutes. So, in other words: 10 patients in 8 minutes. If you translate that figure into how many patients you can check in an hour, that is 75! There will be high numbers in one day, at the same time you may not be able to assume that you can check at that pace when there are larger volumes. But it still shows the effects of the changed way of working! Healthcare professionals view their entire patient population easily via LifePods patient overview in a short time. The medical status of patients is shown in clear triage colors that make you always know who needs care first.

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