A meeting between a cardiologist and an innovator – Thomas Bergqwist & Margret Leosdottir

Listen to an exciting journey where caregiver and tech company work together to find solutions which change calendar-based care into needs-based care. Click here to see the discussion on Youtube.

Margret Leosdottir, cardiologist at SUS (Skånes university hospital) and Thomas Bergqwist, entrepreneur, innovator and CEO at Cross Technology Solutions talk about their collaboration regarding a digital health solution which improves patient’s and doctor’s life. It is a platform and app, called LifePod, which has the purpose to engage patients with cardiovascular disease to adjust certain lifestyle behaviours.

Margret Leosdottir works at the hospital and meets patients with heart disease like infarction every day. In most cases a second heart attack can be avoided by adjustment of certain lifestyle changes.

Thomas Bergqwist is the inventor of the LifePod-platform which gives patients a tool to get control over their disease; at the same time, it delivers a prioritized overview of the patient’s with the greatest needs to the caregiver.

About the speakers:
Margret Leosdottir: Cardiology specialist at the Department of Coronary Heart Disease, Skåne University Hospital (SUS) since 2011. Main coordinator for a clinical study using eHealth-applications for prevention of myocardial infarction patients.

Thomas Bergqwist: Founder and CEO of Cross Technology Solutions. Inventor of the digital health product LifePod which is identifying and prioritizing patient to help those in most need, using smart technology. Thomas has a genuine background within quality assurance at Biomet Cementing Technologies, Axis, Gambro (Baxter), Anoto and many more.

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