With great sadness in our hearts, we must announce that our start-up journey has come to an end.

The cutting-edge solution LifePod, developed in Skåne, appreciated in home monitoring, which has saved lives and prevented escalating problems in seriously ill patients, prevented emergency and ambulance admissions and spared lives during the pandemic disappears in its current form.

Visionary and entrepreneur Thomas Bergqwist came up with the idea for the patented LifePod solution back in 2006, a year before the iPhone came on the market.

The idea is just as relevant and groundbreaking today and is based on collecting data from the patient, ranging from vital parameters, information from questionnaires to self-rated values. Data is processed, structured, and visualized for the healthcare provider and results in an automatic medical prioritization according to the patients’ care needs.

Since 2012, Cross Technology Solutions has had a secure and committed principal owner with Dendera and its investor network, there has always been a strong desire to support this true pioneer in Europe in the field of digital health and home monitoring.

The combination of the financial market situation and the inertia of the traditional healthcare system, which makes it difficult to innovate, has forced this heavy and sad decision. For example, there are still no reimbursement models for this type of care that are not based on a meeting between a patient and a caregiver.

But we hope for a brighter future where solutions like LifePod are a natural part of everyone’s care.

We must never stop moving towards this, to influence, change and innovate.

Now we hope that LifePod will be picked up by someone who can realize the vision for the benefit of patients and caregivers.

Thanks from us at Cross!

Cross Technology Solutions AB has been declared bankrupt on June 7, 2023.

Cross has developed the eHealth platform LifePod, which holds CE marking in class IIa (MDD), which has dozens of complete diagnostic profiles in, for example, cardiovascular diseases, patients with heart pump (LVAD), transplant recipients, COPD, post-surgical follow-up.

The solution is built with the latest technologies, with open APIs for integration with other systems that can be run both as SAAS and as an on prem solution.

LifePod is an evidence-based medical IT solution for remote patient monitoring that automatically generates a medical prioritization to the caregiver and encourages the patient to take ownership and lifestyle changes.

Clinical studies and health economic analyses exist and show evidence.
Patents for LifePod are available in several countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.


Thomas Wiklund, CEO, thomas.wiklund@cross-solutions.com, 0708-18 86 22
Thomas Bergqwist, CTO, tb@cross-solutions.com, 0709-54 78 50
Cathrin Jung, CMO, cathrin.jung@cross-solutions.com, 0723-02 70 80

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