Dr. Manuel Gonzalez


Cardiology Department: Norrlands University Hospital

Manuel is a 46 years old cardiologist. Working at the Cardiology Dpt of Umeå since 2002. Main interest is secondary prevention and heart rehabilitation with working focus on telemedicine and its application in real clinical settings.


You have been working as a medical doctor for two decades; what’s your general impression regarding the Western health care system?
In general terms is good, compared with other health care systems. Nevertheless, there are still many routines and habits which have been operating since 40 or 50 years. My impression is that health care system regarding control of chronic diseases has not integrated yet using modern technological solutions, at least at the same level that other fields in medicine and in the society.


These days it seems like everyone is talking about paradigm shift in the health care system. The Swedish government released the national vision and goal, to get best in the world regarding eHealth-solutions in healthcare. Is that the right goal to focus on, in your opinion?



You are working as cardiologist and meet patients with heart diseases daily. In which way could the use of smart eHealth solutions improve your patient’s treatment?

Helping and assisting the conversion from a traditional role of nurse and other health professionals to assume the role of a health coach.

Do you think that intelligent IT solutions also could improve the work situation, flow for you as
a doctor and for other medical stuff?

Yes, if there is a proper structure behind this IT solution.


Text: Cathrin Jung, Marketing- & CEO assistant