This article by Dag Norén is a good example that promotes team based health care at home for the ones in most need in region Skåne using LifePod. Cutting costs and improving the quality of care for our patients – why would we say no to that?

Dag Norén has a background in applied research within Service Management and Service Design; methodologies that enhances idealized design/concept prototyping to build innovative business models in sectors such as healthcare services. Since the mid 1990’s Dag has primarily worked within the Healthcare sector and related industries focusing on 1) person/patient centered service and process design, and 2) organizational innovation based on new service concepts.

E-health solutions are the future.

The study was conducted throughout March to April 2016 in the project Hälsostaden Ängelholm. The digital E-health solution that was being used was LifePod by Cross Technology Solutions. The overall project has an individual focus instead on efforts focus and is a collaboration between Region Skåne and Ängelholms municipality.

Results for patients in the health care project in Hälsostaden Ängelholm:

  • 98% reduction in emergency room visit
  • 99% reduction in admissions in inpatient care
  • Updated individual care plans
  • All receive multidisciplinary drug control

By introducing  team based care and the use of digital solutions, like LifePod, these results could most likely be reproduced in other places. The digital tool gives the possibility to continuously update and better organize patient information. It is not a medical record, it is a solution to better monitor the patient in most need. The key to success is to free time to be able to bring in more patients in the health care team.

The study shows three major results:

  1. Updated and structured picture of the patient.
  2. Quality gains regarding patient safety.
  3. Better use of working hours among health care staff.


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Text and image: Cross Solutions