It was never a doubt or question to apply for the eHealth Award – it was just natural and obvious that we would do it.

And we won! It meant a lot to us – it meant acknowledgement, credibility, positive publicity and we can only recommend any start-up with an innovative solution in the field of digital health to do the same.

We are extremely passionate about our product, the LifePod-platform.

And we felt from the first time we heard about the eHealth Award that it is us! We, Cross Tech Solutions, are driving the paradigm shift in healthcare. The LifePod-platform truly changes the way of working, it changes healthcare from calendar-based to needs-based care. It changes healthcare from being episodic and reactive to proactive and continuous which is crucial for patients with chronic disease. And the same time, it makes healthcare more efficient, creates patient engagement and gives healthcare providers a powerful tool to monitor patients remotely.

Looking forward to see you again at Vitalis 5-7th of May in Gothenburg.

Text: Cathrin Jung,
Photo: Health Tech Nordic