Karalee Close’s extensive experience in healthcare and technology ranges from med-tech, big-pharma, and hospital management, giving her a unique spectrum of knowledge and input.

In her TED talk, filmed in Berlin, Germany, Karalee Close asks the questions we’ve been tackling for years. The technological advances in medicine have been speeding up and progressing year after year, yet we still lack a systematic use for our advancements. There are pockets of the world that have embraced the information age and digital world, but these are merely distant outliers to the status quo in modern medicine. A change has been brewing and we are finally starting to ask the fundamental questions to take the next step.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, we’ve relied more and more on user reviews, ratings, and referrals to guide us to the most reliable and trust-worthy services and products. So why has this stopped at modern medicine? Being able to choose your healthcare provider based on results, ratings and reviews should be a fundamental right when needing treatment or surgery.

And what to do with the massive amounts of data we generate on a daily basis? If we can capture and analyse this sea of data, we can effectively intervene before emergencies occur. This would directly cut mortality rates and free up resources for those in most need. A dream scenario for any healthcare provider and chronic illness sufferer. The question is, who is leading this evolution in healthcare?

See the entire TED talk here.

Text: Cross Solutions

Image: TED Conferences, LLC