Willy Hansson

Patient, has used LifePod after myocardial infarction

In the summer of 2014, Willy Hansson suffered a heart attack while attending Malmöfestivalen, in Malmö, Skåne. A lifetime of regular physical activity left him confused and feeling helpless about how to prevent a second cardiac episode. Now, with careful modifications to his diet and vigilant tracking of his diet and activity using a hospital-provided digital application, Willy is seeing the long-term benefits already.

“I’ve become a lot more observant about my behaviours. LifePod motivates, it’s the reason why I’ve changed some of my previous habits. Previously I didn’t like eating vegetables or fish, for example. Now, I eat it a lot! LifePod made me understand that I need to think about my health.”

Read more about in the Sveriges Radio article here.

Text: Cross Solutions

Image: Petra Haupt/Sveriges Radio