Meet the Cross team:

Lars-Olof Petersson

Product Safety Officer

Lars-Olof Petersson is an essential member of the Cross team; he secures that the product development of the LifePod-platform follows the European standards for development of devices for medical use. A typical task for Lars-Olof for example, is to conduct procedures and design systems to prevent people from getting sick or injured by using a product. He runs tests to evaluate the product safety levels with the intention to reduce and eliminate health hazards.

Cross Technology Solutions is aiming for having the HeartPod (LifePod for persons with heart diseases) CE marked during 2016. CE mark is a symbol applied to products to indicate that they conform with relevant EU directives regarding health and safety.

“The main focus of my work is to preserve users from getting injured; I secure that the product is suited to its purpose. CE marking you find for all kind of products like toys, gloves, garden equipment etc. and it’s for the user’s safety, explains Lars-Olof, product safety officer at Cross Technology Solutions producing the LifePod-platform.”

Lars-Olof has been working with product safety for international companies the last two decades. His work is tremendously important, it secures the users safety and it provides the product with the official marking as a medical device.

Beside Lars-Olof’s remarkable work expertise he is a very cheerful team member who is a pleasure working with.

Text: Cathrin Jung, Marketing- & CEO assistant