Region Skåne invites us all to think together – we like it!

On Friday, 19th of August it’s time for Mötesplats Skåne – a meeting place for anyone interested in the future of Skåne. There is a broad variety of important topics and seminars like building more houses and flats, supporting young people to find work, how to build an attractive city, science in the community and how to secure a high standard of healthcare for the future.

We at Cross Solutions deeply appreciate the enterprise of creating meetings and dialogue between people with different backgrounds and ideas. Our topic of focus is evolving healthcare everywhere with the use of intelligent IT solutions which make life better for patients and healthcare professionals.

We are excited about the seminar “Framtidens sjukvård, hälso- och sjukvårdsstyrning” and wonder in which way the hospital’s of the future will use technology to monitor patients remotely? Patients will be equipped and engaged and collecting data by themselves – hospitals need to be prepared and able to process this mountain of readily available patient data.

#digital hälsa #digital health

Text: Cross Solutions,

Image: Region Skåne