Patient safety, protests and strikes among health care staff, and cancelled surgery appointments are just some of the issues that the health care system in Sweden has had to deal with lately.  Something has to be done.

How often do we listen to the voices of the health care professionals? Sebastian Avindell, a midwife in Linköping Sweden, tells his story about the sinking ship that he calls the healthcare system.

”We are only extinguishing fires”.

When the spring budget was presented April 13th 2016 by the Swedish governmental parties there was no show of bigger investments in the pressured health care system. Sebastian Avindell tells his story about his workplace, his colleagues and how something needs to be done now, not later.

It is time for us to start asking ourselves what we want out of our health care system and how we want to build it for the future.

One thing is certain, new solutions are a must.

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Text: Cross Solutions