“Connected health tools that enable data tracking of healthy behaviours, combined with incentives and trusted professional support, can help consumers become more engaged in their own care, health and wellness”, says Dr. Harry Leider.

Users who enter activities automatically remain engaged four times longer than users who enter activities manually, he recently found in a study.

Cross Technology Solutions has developed the decision support system LifePod®. The tool gives the care givers a clear and prioritized overview of their patients. Care givers can then focus their resources and intervene before problems emerge. The patients report their health status manually or via sensors and receive individual support. LifePod saves money, time and resources for the care givers and in the meantime the patients are continuously followed, feel secure and have the tools to take responsibility for their own health condition.

For more information about Cross Technology Solutions and LifePod please visit www.cross-solutions.com.

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Text: Cross Technology Solutions
Image: Cross Technology Solutions