Leif Stenlund’s experience using the LifePod-application

Leif Stenlund used the LifePod-application after myocardial infarction during a period of six months. The main goal for Leif was to change lifestyle behaviours regarding exercise, physical activity and healthy diet.

The LifePod-application is a web-based application where the patient can log information about his lifestyle, measurement (weight, blood pressure, cholesterol), symptoms, quality of life and medication. The patient unit gives the user immediate recommendations by flagging up poor food choices or insufficient physical activity, and provides positive feedback on healthy choices. The patient gets also short text messages (SMS) 2-3 times a week with information and tips on healthy lifestyle.

“The greatest advantage about LifePod, as I see it, is that it enables me to see how healthy, or unhealthy I live. I’ve gotten a much better understanding about my current health condition, said Leif Stenlund about his experience using LifePod.”

Text and photo:
Cathrin Jung, Marketing- & CEO assistant

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