LifePod. The story.

How can patients easily assess their status with regard to the individual medical advice they receive? How do healthcare professionals know which patients actually need care most – and when? How can they know, in fact, when everything is booked in calendars well in advance?
The concept was born 

About 10 years ago, these questions occurred to Thomas Bergqwist, founder of Cross Technology Solutions. And he could not let them drop.

What inspired my interest was when I saw how hard it was for many patients . I thought people would like to know what happens in the body when you are ill with diseases such as diabetes, for example. At the same time, I realized how helpful this knowledge would be if I worked in healthcare – knowing which patients to prioritize, which is not apparent from a calendar, of course

That was the beginning of a unique innovation in healthcare: the digital web application LifePod, which was patented in 2006. Thomas’ basic concept was, and remains, to give patients a concrete tool for keeping track of the various parameters that affect their individual state of health, while providing a systematic overview for healthcare providers showing which patients to prioritize.
With single-minded passion
The road has been long and tough. Cross Technology Solutions has sometimes worked with consultancies with the sole aim of boosting the company’s finances to enable continuing investment in the LifePod project. The conviction in having a unique and ground-breaking concept has always been present, and the road ahead is paved with immense passion and dedication. “I am a person brimming with ideas, someone that likes to think critically and come up with new – and unconventional – solutions. I am tenacious, too, leaving no stone unturned to make a great concept reality

LifePod. Evolving healthcare, everywhere.

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