Look how happy our CEO is, after many years of work, finally receiving the patent certificate for the granted Europe patent for the innovation LifePod. The patent includes protection in 38 countries in Europe!

“It is extremely gratifying and a further proof that we are thinking right. We have created a new way of working to conduct remote patient monitoring and now it has also been confirmed by the Patent Office, explains Thomas Bergqwist, CEO of Cross Technology Solutions, when asked what the European patent means to him.

Thomas recognized the importance of protecting intellectual property early on and initiated the patent process to protect the LifePod innovation several years ago. The patent process usually lasts for several years.

Cross owns its intellectual property rights, the company and the idea for the unique innovation in health care was started by Thomas Bergqwist many years ago and he works passionately in the business.

“With Cross you choose a partner who owns their patents and their product development by themselves – we are in complete control of our own solution, you could say, we are our solution,” says Thomas, who besides the CEO is the founder.

The unique solution, called LifePod, is used of a patient who, usually with long-term illness that requires continuous follow-up, regularly reports various parameters via a digital patient application. This information is presented to the healthcare provider in a medical overview where they can see how patients are doing and who needs care first (automatic sorting by medical priority).

The LifePod-platform has granted patents in Australia, Canada, and Russia. In the US, the patent process is ongoing, and a positive advance decision has been announced.

Photo: Maria Kejlberg
Text: Cathrin Jung,

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