LifePod. eHealth platform for remote patient monitoring.

LifePod supports healthcare providers with remote monitoring of patient groups. LifePod makes care easier – it is a digital decision support system for health care providers and gives patients who need continuous care a better quality of life.  LifePod is used in critical care clinics and primary care centers within a dozen different diagnostic areas, including cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, post-surgical follow-up, etc.

Needs-driven healthcare
LifePod gives the healthcare provider the opportunity to monitor large patient groups remotely and prioritize the patients with the greatest care needs, at the right time.

Efficient working methods
The overall patient overview over the entire patient population frees up working hours for healthcare professionals and makes it possible to take care of 20-40% more patients.

Patients with greatest needs first
LifePod creates significant saving opportunities, gives patients increased security and relieves caregivers to proactively focus on the patients with the greatest needs first.

Easy to manage
Clear triage colors make you know how your patients are doing at any time. No alarm fatigue and at the same time no search for individuals with deviant values is needed.

LifePod delivers results

100 000+

patient days




Cost savings compared to traditional care


Adherence to reporting
with LifePod

11,3 mmHg

Lowered blood pressure through the use of LifePod


Lower risk of heart attack and stroke


Increased capacity to care for more patients


Freed up working time for healthcare professionals


Reduced risk of readmission with COPD


Find LifePod easy to use


Patient satisfaction


Feel safer thanks to LifePod

awareness and patient engagement

with most electronic health record systems (EHR)

To implement LifePod, not months

10 Benefits for Your Clinic

  1. Proactive care – urgent changes are detected early
  2. Easily accessible communication between patient and caregiver
  3. Tested in clinical studies showing evidence
  4. Easy to manage large patient populations that require to be followed-up continuously
  5. Ready to use – applications for a dozen different diagnoses
  6. Creating security for sick and frail patients
  7. Easy use for patients via smartphone, tablet or other device (no other hardware needed)
  8. Works well both with and without connected sensors
  9. Integration and interaction with external systems
  10. Smoother work process and increased job satisfaction

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